The newark beautification project

The Newark Beautification Project is a public initiative that started in the Summer of 2015 with the goal of creating more public art in the hometown of C.C. Czerwinski, as well as more professional opportunities for local high school students with an interest in art. At this time, murals at three sites have been funded and completed with the assistance of a select team of area high school students. All on Main Street, the three existing murals are located at Wonderland Records, Panera Bread and in the alley next to Home Grown Cafe. Photos of the process and final product are all documented on Instagram @NewarkisBeautiful.

If you are interested in bringing a project to your building or organization, please E-mail us, we would love to hear your ideas!


Home Grown Cafe Alley, 2016

This is the third mural done as part of the Newark Beautification Project. Featuring local native wildflowers and bumble bees, this mural was designed to brighten the space with natural beauty and serve as a reminder of the importance of the preservation of wildlife.

To read more about the inspiration behind this mural, check out the article written by Josh Shannon for the Newark Post: New mural brightens Main Street alley.


Panera Bread, 2015 - 2016

Concrete Oasis is the second mural done as part of the Newark Beautification Project. The project itself consisted of two phases, roughly 800 square feet photographed here, painted from November - December 2015, and another approximate 900 square feet that were completed in April 2016. Featuring birds and foliage native to Delaware, Concrete Oasis aims to create the feeling of being lost in nature while in a developed setting.


Wonderland Records, 2015

The first mural of the Newark Beautification Project was completed at Wonderland Records throughout July 2015 and unveiled in early August. Wonderland Records is the oldest recording studio and vinyl record shop in Newark, Delaware. Dating back to the 70s, its historic role in the local music scene was an inspiration for this mural. After research, receiving input from the community about some of their favorite local musicians, and drafting with the high school interns we came up with the design for the mural and got to work. We are tremendously grateful for the collective contributions that made this possible.