Once in a Lifetime

Nothing makes us happier than uniting communities for a common cause; and nothing inspires us more than adventure and exploration of new places and ways of life. The following projects were one-time initiatives done in partnership with nonprofits based in both the US and abroad to give back to the communities they exist within. With a little imagination and organization we were able to bring the people of these communities together with a once-in-a-lifetime artistic experience, visibly transforming a part of their world using color and creativity. We're grateful for the opportunities we've had to be welcomed into these communities and share our work in a way that celebrates their culture by adding art to their walls.

Idol Hands works without borders. Feel free to contact us to discuss ideas about bringing a project to your organization.

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The Art Therapy Project and Rachel’s Place, 2018

Painted with love by and for the residents of Rachel's Place, a transitional independent living program for girls in Brooklyn, NY. Special thanks to The Art Therapy Project for bringing us this opportunity and for their generous support, without which this project would not have come into existence.


The Art Therapy Project and The New York City Criminal Justice Agency, 2018

“Each participant sketched out their hopes and dreams for the future, and translated them onto to their own canvas. Here are a few snapshots of their creative process and the final unveiling of their collaborative mural. The New York City Criminal Justice Agency (CJA) implemented its first supervised release program in Queens in 2009. Supervised release offers judges the option to release defendants who might otherwise have been detained pre-trail due to their inability to make bail. The program provides these individuals the opportunity to remain at home with their families, remain at work or in school, and receive voluntary referrals for a wide variety of social services while their cases are ongoing. Successful participation in the program demonstrates a client’s determination to make positive changes and may result in a better legal outcome. CJA: ‘We offer them a chance as someone to be seen by the court as someone who is worth another chance.’”

Text from the Art Therapy Project



A Dozen Things I'd Rather Do (Than Smoke Cigarettes) was a collaborative mural done with a handful of the boys and girls from the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club to fulfill a grant provided by the American Lung Association for the Delaware Division of Public Health - DPH.


Give and surf, 2016

Vivimos en Armonía (translation: "We live in harmony"), was done in partnership with nonprofit, Give and Surf, in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Inspired by the natural way of life exhibited by the people of Bastimentos, Vivimos en Armonía aims to depict the idea of living in harmony with nature and each other, embracing tourism with a sustainable mindset. 

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A beautification project done in collaboration with local nonprofit CAMP Rehoboth and their community outreach program, CROP. With their help we were able to work together with the Delaware State Housing Authority and the Burton Village community and 4H club to beautify a targeted wall at the entrance of their neighborhood.


Asociación CREAR, 2014

Mural de Felicidad was our first collaborative mural ever done in partner with Asociación CREAR, in Sámara, Costa Rica. The project was inspired by the simple things that bring happiness and joy, and the "pura vida" lifestyle of Costa Rica. Mural de Felicidad was completed with help from the kids of CREAR, and assisting artist Benjamin Cumbie and was photographed by Art Above Reality, Inc.