All children are artists

All Children Are Artists is a concept we came up with to work with schools to give every student an opportunity to have a unique artistic experience, working together to create something larger than their individuals selves while identifying and celebrating their collective culture.


Hodge Road Elementary School, 2018

Laura Streeter, art teacher, brought us on board to work with their 450 students to create a bright and colorful new mural in the entryway of the media center inspired by what they love about Hodge Road Elementary.


PS 262 El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Elementary & Middle School, 2018

We were so excited to do our first mural in Brooklyn working with the winter after-school program to create a mural that represented the unique school community of PS 262, and their love of reading and imagination.


Millbrook Elementary, 2016

We partnered up with art teacher, Mary Jane Thompson, and the nearly 700 students at Millbrook Elementary to design and paint a mural that would represent their school's culture.


Smith Magnet Elementary, 2016

Partnering up with art teacher, Beth Swauger, of Smith Magnet Elementary School we were able to include nearly all 600 students in the creation of a mural that shows their spirit and welcomes visitors to their vibrant school community.